KROMEGA - Alternative HPLC Columns


The new kromega Select range of HPLC columns use more than just another new generation of HPLC packing material.

The packing material is manufactured using an entirely new process based on well established, tried and tested silica production techniques coupled with new refining technologies which ultimately leads to a superior material.


The fact that high purity kromega Select packing is manufactured using well established silica engineering techniques means that a wide range of specifications are possible. As a result, the range accomodates pore sizes ranging from 60Å to 1000Å (most popular being 120Å).

Moreover, kromega Select is also available in particle sizes ranging from 3µm up to preparative grade sizes.

kromega Select ODS-H

ODS-H is the most generally applicable of the kromega Select phases, with a carbon loading of 18%, and can be used for both specialist applications involving acid and basic compounds or mixtures of both. ODS-H is also particularly well suited to general purpose method development.

kromega Select ODS-L

ODS-L has a slightly lower carbon loading (15%) than the ODS-H and is useful for the analysis of a wide range of hydrophilic compounds which are normally not retained by other C18 based packing material.

kromega Select ODS-L is also as useful for analyzing hydrophobic samples which are currently chromatographed on competitor C8 materials. Like ODS-H, this packing material is also fully end-capped. ODS-L is also based on the same high purity silica as the kromega Select ODS-H material which ensures the high degree of inertness and lack of peak tailing.

Other kromega Select Phases

We also supply other phase types: Silica, C1, C4, C8, CN, NH2, Phenyl and Diol.

Available in various lengths, 2.1,3,4 and 4.6 I.D., particle sizes of 3µ or 5µ, as both convential and cartridge styles and with guard options; please visit to select your requirements.

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