KROMEGA - Alternative D2 Lamps


The Kromega range of high quality chromatography parts includes a range of high performance deuterium lamps. The Kromega lamps are certain to appeal to customers looking for a viable alternative to OEM prices without compromising quality.

All Kromega high specification deuterium lamps are supplied with guaranteed compatibility and performance. The pre-focused lamps have been specifically designed for use in the most popular detector models. The lamps are manufactured with more than 40 years experience, using the purest materials and backed-up by ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

All lamps are supplied with a Quality Assured certificate and warranty.

Over the coming months to ensure the appeal of the Kromega lamp range there will be additional lamps introduced to fit popular detector models at attractive prices.

Lamps For Agilent / HP Detectors:

Part No. Used On: Equivalent Part IDs
A900100 1100 G1314-60100
  VWD (G1314)  
  VWD (G1314A)
  VWD SL (G1314C)  
  VWD (G1314B)  
  VWD SL (G1314C)  

Part No. Used On: Equivalent Part IDs
A900101 1100  
  DAD (G1315A) 2140-0590
  LC DAD (G1315B) 5181-1530
  DAD (G1315D)  
  DAD SL (G1315C)  
  MWD (G1365D)  

Lamps For Shimadzu Detectors:

Part No. Used On: Equivalent Part IDs
A900105 SPD-10 Shimadzu 228-34016-00
  SPD-10A Shimadzu 228-34016-02

Lamps For Waters Detectors:

Part No. Used On: Equivalent Part IDs
A900102 2487 dual wavelength WAS081142
  2488 dual wavelength  
  Acquity UPLC TUV  

Part No. Used On:
A900103 996 DAD

Lamps For DIONEX Detectors:

Part No. Used On:  
A900104 Ultimate VWD  
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